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Verres de vin

Group & private events

We offer many possibilities for group reception, from the smallest to the largest. Whether it's simply with friends, family, birthday, evg/evjf, team building,... We can offer you tailor-made solutions, whether in terms of activities or catering. Our goal is to make your visit an unforgettable memory!


Group - up to 30 people


We can set up a reserved table for you in our chalet, cozy atmosphere by the fireside.

Group - from 30 to 65 people


In a private semi-open space, we can accommodate up to 65 people seated in all weather conditions. Ideal for EVG, after-ski, after-trail/bike, children,...


Group - full privatization

Outdoors and indoors

On the terrace overlooking the relief, possibility of completely privatizing the terrace, up to 120 seats. Same indoor reception quota.


Naturally, the Val de Wanne is the place par excellence to organize a birthday party, from 3 years old to 99 years old, everyone will find what they are looking for. For children, the many activities offered on the estate will make them spend an extraordinary day. The oldest will be satisfied with more extreme activities.

Happy children
Navy Play Team

Team Building

Collaborate, support and lead. 

Together you arrive at the best services and solutions. Take on challenges as a team then 

end the day in style with a good meal. 

Funeral bachelor

Perfect place to organize a EVG or EVJF, many activities more fun than the other. Possibility also to party there in one of our spaces.


For all requests, contact us

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